Vanc Pharmaceuticals is a strong believer of creating a stronger relationship between pharmacists and their patients. One of the main ways Vancpharm is achieving this goal is by taking on point of care (POC) projects such as HealthTab™. Vancpharm is the only generic pharmaceutical company in Canada supporting these kinds of POC technologies in addition to having a strong generic pharmaceutical and over the counter healthcare products portfolio.

HealthTab™ is a point-of-care lab accurate screening system available at pharmacies and allow patients to be proactive about their health by directly measuring and monitoring the key biomarkers of several chronic diseases. These biomarkers are provided simply by a finger prick blood test and give patients access to quantifiable information about their cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, electrolytes, liver and kidney function. HealthTab™ offers two test panels; Baseline and Metabolic Panel; allowing the patient to choose which biomarkers they feel the need to investigate. It takes less than 15 minutes for the test panels to be analyzed and uploaded to a patient’s HealthTab™ account online. This Health Canada approved analyzing system is completely safe and confidential and gives patients the power to control who can access their results. Patients can now use visual biomarkers to track and monitor their health and aid themselves in preventing and managing chronic diseases. HealthTab™ is a fast and convenient point-of-care technology that brings together healthcare professionals and patients outside of a traditional laboratory setting and allows a step in the right direction towards creating a healthier Canada.

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