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Our vision is to offer unique generic pharmaceutical and OTC healthcare products along with innovative and value added point of care technologies through pharmacists to Canadians.

Our primary mandate is to provide Canadians with high quality, yet affordable, Generic, OTC, and Point of Care tools and products through our partnerships with many global manufacturers, which will create new clinical pharmacy services, create new revenue streams for pharmacies, and help to expand the scope of practice of pharmacists.

Expanding the portfolio of our generic pharmaceuticals, OTC healthcare products and advanced value added Point of Care tools is the vision of our company towards better participation in all segments of the healthcare industry and ensures our retail partners receive the highest standards of delivery in the industry.

Over-the-counter (OTC) products are safe and effective, that are available from pharmacists and other health care professionals without a prescription.

Prescription drugs are medications prescribed by doctors to treat a variety of health conditions.

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Point of Care technologies provide patients with accessible information about their health at the primary care level



Wondering why HealthTab is so good? It provides lab-accurate results for blood analysis in minutes, and in the pharmacy. Users can have their own health data at their fingertips. which is as good, if not better, than what they can get in labs: https://t.co/WqlKBBBg2e

With a team of highly experienced professionals in #pharmacy, point-of-care testing & #health tech, $VANC is growing beyond generics to provide #pharmacists with innovative products & services to support their evolving business models: https://t.co/Yv4KCOJXgR

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“BUSINESS WITH SOCIAL CONSCIENCE” The principle of social responsibility represents the fundamental guiding principle of our corporate objectives, goals, operations and activities.

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