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VANC Pharmaceuticals aims to become the partner of choice for forward-thinking pharmacies across Canada. With an established sales force, distribution network, and team of highly experienced professionals in pharmacy, point-of-care testing and health technology, VANC is growing beyond generics to provide pharmacists with innovative, value-added products and services to support their evolving business models and expanding role as front-line healthcare providers.

Over-the-counter (OTC) products are safe and effective, that are available from pharmacists and other health care professionals without a prescription.

Prescription drugs are medications prescribed by doctors to treat a variety of health conditions.

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Point of Care technologies provide patients with accessible information about their health at the primary care level



Make sure you keep an eye on Avricore Health Inc, as we recently changed our name from VANC Pharma, which is in itself a symbolic step, but it signals important changes and new initiatives.

More information coming soon: https://t.co/oWLrM4CCnX

NEWS RELEASE — "We are pleased to have received TSX approval for our new name, Avricore Health. This is an important & symbolic step in our transformation of the company, its core services and product portfolio going forward," said Bob Rai, CEO of VANC: https://t.co/gchb14tuOJ

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“BUSINESS WITH SOCIAL CONSCIENCE” The principle of social responsibility represents the fundamental guiding principle of our corporate objectives, goals, operations and activities.

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